Urszula Wybraniec-Skardowska


Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw
Department of Philosophy
Ul. Wóycickiego 1/3, bul.23
01-938 Warszawa, Poland
Phone: +48 606760505
Email: uws@uni.opole.pl

For many years a full professor of logic at the University of Opole, recently a professor at Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw. In 2012 she was the co-organizer of 24th ESSLLI. She has advanced through all of the stages of her academic career in Opole University, which was her Alma Mater ever since she finished her studies in Wrocław. Professor Wybraniec-Skardowska earned all of her degrees at Wroclaw University: a Masters in mathematics, a Ph.D in mathematics, a Ph.D with habilitation in humanistic sciences (D.Sc.); she received the scientific title of a professor of humanistic sciences in 1992.

       Her research interests include: logic, philosophy, information sciences, mathematics, linguistics.

       Her publications include: 'On the Eliminability of Ideal Linguistic Entities' (1989), 'Theory of Language Syntax' (1991), 'Extensions and Intensions in the Rough Set Theory' (1998; with Z. Bonikowski, E. Bryniarski), 'Logical and Philosophical Ideas in Certain Formal Approaches to Language' (1998), 'A Formal-Logical Approach to the Problem of Imprecision' (1998), 'Knowledge, Vagueness and Logic' (2001), 'On The Notion and Function of Rejected Propositions' (2005), 'Meaning and Interpretation' (2007), 'On Metaknowledge and Truth' (2009), 'On language adequacy' (2015), 'Logic and Sense '(2016), 'Categories of First-Order Quantifiers' (2018), 'Logic-Language-Ontology' (2022).

       Her professional activity includes taking part in numerous international congresses and conferences in Europe and the United States. In 2000 she was a visiting professor at Tilburg University and the University of Amsterdam. She was twice a visiting research scholar at The City University of New York (CUNY) as a member of the Exchange Visitor Program at the PhD program in Philosophy (1997 and 2001/2002). In Spring 2009 she was a visiting professor at CUNY (Ph.D. Program in Mathematics) and a quest at Stanford University, CA. She was the co-organizer of 24th ESSLLI in 2012 and the co-organizer of the workshops 'Logic and Linguistic’ in 2013 at World Congress UNI-LOG’13 ( Rio de Janeiro) and ‘Lvov –Warsaw School, Past, Present and Future’ in 2018 at UNI-LOG’18 (Vichy, France).

       She is a member of many Polish and international scientific associations, including: The Association for Symbolic Logic (USA), The Polish Division of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Sciences of The International Union of History and Philosophy of Science, The Polish Society of Universalism, The Polish Society of Mathematics, The Polish Semiotic Society, The Polish Philosophy Society and European Association for Logic, Language and Information (FoLLI).

       She has twice received awards for research from the Polish Ministry of Education (1986,1992) and has been awarded the National Education Commission Medal (1989), the Kosciuszko Foundation Fellowship, USA (1997), a grant from the National Organization for Scientific Research (NWO), the Netherlands (2000), and honored with the Twentieth Century Achievement Award by the American Biographical Institute, USA (2000).