Urszula Wybraniec-Skardowska


Research Interests

Field of research:

logic and its applications to:

linguistics, philosophy, information sciences and methodology.

Main trends of research interest:

I. Metalogic and Methodology of Sciences,

II. Logic of Language and Logical Philosophy of Language,

III. Theoretical and Applied Information Sciences.

Main themes:

I.1. Some equivalent axiomatic systems of arithmetic of natural and integral numbers (MA thesis and other papers).

I.2. Tarski's theory of deductive systems; formalizations of the consequence operation.

I.3. Theory of rejected sentences; formalizations of the rejection consequence and its application in empirical sciences (Ph.D. dissertation).

II.1. Theory of languages generated by the classical categorial grammar (postdoctoral D.Sc. dissertation; habilitation).

II.2. Logical foundations of ontology of language syntax; token-type distinction of linguistic objects; two different and equivalent levels of formalization of language syntax; categorial semantics.

II.3. Truth and denotation; truth in systems of knowledge; quantifiers in formal or natural languages, and their interpretation.

II.4. Logical and ontological aspects of names.

III.1. Information systems.

III.2. Formal-logical aspects of the theory of rough sets (Pawlak 1982, 1992).

III.3. Computer aided teaching of logic.

III.4. Formal-logical approach to the problem of imprecise information and its language representation.

Other themes:

IV.1. History of logic.

IV.2. The improvement of logical culture; logic in discussion and education.

IV.3. Logic of belief and action.

Main current research interest:

V.1. Knowledge, communication and logic.

V.2. Philosophy of linguistics; compositionality, meaning -- denotation, meaning -- interpretation, meaning -- truth.